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Paw Paw's Dog House

Where Love, Comfort & Fun are included.

Doggy Daycare

About Us


We are not your typical Dog Kennel! We are a Dog Hotel that prides itself on the quality of care we provide our Fur- Clients. Quality over Quantity. Your fur-kids will be Loved and Cared for by highly trained and trusted “Aunties” who are all crazy dog ladies. Fur-kids get to hang out, play, lay around, be Happy and Comfortable, have FUN and be LOVED while you’re away! We love them, protect them and worry about them like they are our own! All Fur-kids must be Spayed or Neutered and must be People and Dog Friendly! An Evaluation Day is Required before fur-kids can come stay with us!


Saving Old & Special Needs Fur-kids

Zeus left us today for a better place...

By choosing Paw Paw's to care for your fur-babies you are helping us save and care for senior and special needs fur-kids. All proceeds from Paw Paw's helps Sweet Barks Senior Sanctuary Rescue and Retire Senior and Special Needs fur-kids. We Rescue & Retire 20-40 fur-kids a year. All the fur-kids that come to Retire at Sweet Barks are provided the Best Vet Care, Homemade Meals, Grooming & Pampering, a Personal Nanny and Spoiled Beyond Spoiled! They never know a day without LOVE and we LOVE them until the very end! So Thank You for Helping us Save Senior & Special Needs Fur-kids!

Today old Man Stan, Stinky Stan, Stan Le
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