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Paw Paw's Dog House

Mansfield's most trusted Dog Hotel for over12 years.


About Us

We're not your typical Dog Kennel! We are a Dog Hotel that prides itself on the quality of care we provide our Fur- Clients. Quality over Quantity. Your fur-kids will be Loved and Cared for by highly trained and trusted “Aunties” who are all crazy dog ladies. Fur-kids get to hang out, play, lay around, be Happy and Comfortable, have FUN and be LOVED while you’re away! We love them, protect them and worry about them like they are our own! All Fur-kids must be Spayed or Neutered and must be People and Dog Friendly! An Evaluation Day is Required before fur-kids can come stay with us!



Expect a Delay in Response


Expect a delay!

  Due to increased demand our response time is even slower than slow! We focus on the care of our fur-babies all day and work each night on the all the computer work including reservations and inquiries.

Trying to communicate by phone is difficult because of the high volume of calls, I talk to much and can't multi-task. We do most of our communicating by email between the hours 10pm-2am. Because I know it is difficult to get a hold of us we have put a lot of information on our website.

Princess Puppy

About Paw Paw's!

We are crazy dog people!

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Dog Eating Dog Food

Holiday info

Upcoming holiday hours, fees and events.

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dog running with toy

Daytime Play Time!

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Best Buddies

How to enroll your fur-kid to come stay with us!

Cuddling Buddies

Dog Hotel

Overnight Accomidations

Making Funny Face

Party Pictures

Capture that moment

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Having a Bath

Facility Pictures

Sneak peaks of our dog paradise and the life within!

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Golden Dog

Boarding options and pricing.

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