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Requirements for service:
Fur-kids must be spayed neutered over the age of 6months.
Fur-kids must be Dog and people Friendly.
Fur-kids must be low anxiety, non destructive or an escape artist.
Fur-kids must be free from contact with other dogs outside of the home for 10-14 days Including visits to the Vet, Groomer, Dog parks ext.

Create your fur-kids Booking Account

You will use this account to keep us updated about your pup and where you will request reservations. This is also where you will find information about your reservations, invoices and report cards.

Scheduling your Evaluation Day

Once we have assessed your fur-kids needs and determined eligibility we will need to schedule your evaluation day. We will advise you of our first available and a few other options and put that reservation in for you.

 What is an Evaluation Day?

An evaluation day is a full day appointment. During this time, we assess how your fur-kid is going to do while they are with us.  We are looking for any anxiety, the interaction with people and other fur-kids, as well as we are assessing their physical and mental needs. We want to make sure the fur-kids are going to be happy and comfortable before you go out of town.

Evaluation days are also a good way to get fur-kids comfortable before boarding stays. The more familiar fur-kids are with us, the more comfortable they will be during their stay. 

Remember, all fur-kids must be DOG & PEOPLE friendly, and free from contact with other’s dogs for 10 or more days before their visit.

Booking an evaluation: We book your evaluation day for you. Depending on your needs and availability, evaluations are booked Monday through Thursday with drop-off times available from 7-9am and pick-up from 4-6pm.

Evaluation Appointments are $35

Evaluation Day

Booking future Reservation Request

After your kid has passed their Evaluation Day and we know which daycare and boarding options your fur-kid is best fit for you can submit your reservations request through your booking account.
Reservations will be checked for availability and we will contact you by email to verify dates and such.
To confirm boarding reservations there is a non- refundable or transferable deposit.Once we have worked out the specifics of your stay we will send the deposit invoice via paypal.

Tons of information...

We are not your typical "dog kennel" and we know it can be difficult to contact us. So, we have filled this website with all the information about what we do, how we do it, requirements, pricing and much more.We want you to know everything about us! We have no secrets.We want to answer questions before they can be asked.

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