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Dog Hotel

Comfort is Key...

Cuddling Buddies

Here at Paw Paw’s we focus on the

needs of your fur-kids.

We want your fur-babies to be

comfortable and happy!

We have multiple boarding options that we can

Customize to Fit your fur-kids Needs.

From Young happy Puppies to

Seniors and Special Needs,


We are the Home Away from Home

for your Fur-Kid!

Love is Standard here,

LOVE is STANDARD here, not an extra cost. We keep our groups small in order to keep the feel personal.

Each room in this house has been redone for the dogs and still has a feel of home; couches, pictures, decorations, a crate here and there, pillows.

The Kitchen, like in most homes, is the center of Paw Paw's and where you will find the true bosses of the house

(the little dogs!)!

This facility is built for the honest- for the dogs who WANT to be here! 

Our team is family who cares about the heart of this home!

We promise to CARE and LOVE for your babies (and spoil) while you are away!

Sleeping Dogs


  • Must be Dog and People Friendly

  • Must be Spayed & Neutered after 6 months of age

  • Non Destructive

  • No Escape Artist

  • Free of contact with other fur-kids in the last 10-14 days

  • An Evaluation Day is required before confirming other reservations.


Holiday Hours
Important Information

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours

3 night minimum to book
Check in 7-9am 
Check out 7-9am or 3-6pm
No appointments on Saturdays

 Additional daycare fees apply for PM pick up.
There are extended drop off pick up hours by request for additional fees.

Hours will vary for Holidays

Kinda How it Goes....

We group fur-kids by family, size and temperament.

Most groups have 5-8 kids in it.

The average fur-kid will enjoy DAYCARE each day giving them plenty of outside time to run and play and everyone gets plenty of inside nap time.

Fur-kids only have to play or go outside as often as they want.

Throughout the day we make sure to give everyone get lots of one- on-one time.

Fur-kids are secured during appointment hours, usually for their meal, and then back to play time after we send home the daycare kids.

We set up kennels in the living room they play in during the day with all their soft bedding. Most kids sleep in their kennel condos at night and there is usually a guest or 2 who reserves the couch in each room.

Fur-kids are all fed separate from one another in their condo 2xd or whatever is asked.

Most dogs don’t mind being kenneled, in the right conditions. 

We understand some fur kids do not crate well or some families just don’t like it. We have options for you as well.

As long as your fur kid is nondestructive then we have rooms with couches or private cabins to accommodate for an additional charge.

For fur-kids under 5lbs or those with Special Needs stay at

Sweet Barks Senior Sanctuary.

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