Doggy Daycare



It does Exist!!

No one likes leaving their fur-kids at home while you spend long hours at work.

Drop you fur-Kid off for a full day of doing whatever a dog would want to do!

We can do everything from babysit that aging family fur member to exhaust that rambunctious puppy!

The Fur-kids have 3300 sqft of temperature controlled rooms and 1/2 acre of shaded fenced play yards

The Look and Feel of Home!

We also get to take advantage of the of the owners home where we will take day trips to run the 100 tree shaded property or to swim and Paaawty in the Pool!

Daycare is great for most dogs, big and small, young and old.

Daycare provides your fur-kid with Safe, Clean, Loving Playtime and great exercise & socialization.


The young and wild can play hard, get dirty, romp in the mud, play in the pools, roll in the grass, and bathe in the sun.  After a long day playing with us we can assure you your kids will be exhausted, dirty and ready for dinner and bed!!

(Departure baths are available for additional cost)

The Mature can lay around on the couches, cots and dog beds. They keep everyone in line or sleep by the front door and guard the place. All fur-kids can go inside and out as often as they want!

The Littles just run crazy and do whatever they want... because isn't that what little dogs do?

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Fur-kids must be dog friendly

  • Is Healthy and pain free.

  • No history of digging out of yards or jumping chain or wood fences.

  • No history of human aggression. (No dogs trained for personal protection)

  • Must be Spayed or Neutered over the age of 6 months.

  • No Fresh vaccinations within 72 hrs of visiting our facility.


Monday- Friday

Drop off 7-9am Pick Up 3-6pm

(Hours Policy/ Fun Police Section below)


Evaluation Day


Evaluation Day required before acceptance into our doggy daycare.


Classic Daycare

$30- 1 day

$130- 5 days

This daycare class is for the calmer more mature fur-kids. These kids rather lounge, not wrestle


Heavy Hitter Daycare

$35- 1 day

$140- 5 days

This is for our hard players. Both Big and Small

Grooming & Spa

From a full haircut to a quick bath, we have you covered from head to tail!


Let us Capture that special moment for you!


Let's have a Paw-ty! Any kind of party! We will be happy to Celebrate!


Don't worry,

We'll pick you up!

(3Mile radius)


Smalls Daycare

$30- 1 day

$125- 5 days

Fur-kids under 15lbs


Puppy Daycare

$135- $140

Under 6 months


Special Needs/ Private Daycare

$35/ day

Special needs, private daycare