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Facility Tours & Appointments


We do not offer facility tours. We understand this can be difficult for some parents, but we must consider the fur-kids in our care. We do not have a lobby that allows you to be kept separate or a secret from the fur-kids unless I put them all outside. Knocks on the doors and new guests introduced to the facility result in unnecessary stress.  Fur-kids get all worked up and it is difficult to keep them calm and keep them from upsetting our more sensitive and older fur-kids. The facility is pictured entirely on our Facebook page and our website. We have nothing to hide, just precious souls to protect.

For the comfort and safety of our staff, family, and clients our facilities stay locked down. All visits are by appointment only. We do not service the door outside of appointment hours. Our appointment hours are limited to help provide a stress-free environment for our guests. We recognize that going in and out of the front door excites the kids and makes it difficult to keep them calm.

About our Facility

We are family owned operated for over 12 years. We have a veritable dog paradise for your fur-kid.  Paw Paw’s operates out of a 5-acre property that includes Paw Paw’s main dog hotel, the Principal’s office, Granny Cottage and Granny Gardens. We have a second property, “Auntie’s” which is less than 1 mile away.  Auntie’s is the perfect spot for our special needs, hospice, and senior rescues. Auntie’s is able to offers 24hr care for fur-kids with special needs. Auntie’s is also where our world-famous doggie pool parties go down!


We are Crazy Dog People.......


We are here to offer the highest level of care (and fun) for your fur-kid while you are away. Your fur-kids safety and comfort are our number one priority. We are crazy dog people here! We are loud and far from professional with plenty of bad jokes and sarcasm. We are brutally honest about your fur-kids needs and behavior so you can worry less. We are a giant facility that keeps our capacity low in order to ensure all fur-kids are well loved, comfortable and happy. We focus on quality of care not quantity of fur-kids. Fur-kids are our number one priority. We love and protect your fur-kids as passionately as we do our own. Everything we do is for the comfort and safety of our guests. Once you become part of our family, we will be your fur-kid’s crazy dog Aunties and love them all the years of their life!


Expect a delay in response.....


Please expect a delay!

We're all Full time Aunties here at Paw Paw's! Due to increased demand our response time is even slower than slow! It is very difficult to get through all the phone calls. We focus on the care of our fur-babies all day and work each night on the reservations and communication.

We do most of our communicating by email from 10pm-2am.

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