Welcome to Paw Paw's

About us

We knew that there had to be others like us who wanted more than a fancy, snobby dog spa, a scary traditional boarding facility or a busy vet’s office (where there are usually sick and hurt dogs...).

There had to be others who were looking for a place that was comfortable, fun and happy. A place that would care for the fur-kids as if they were family and a place where your fur-kids would want to go!! 

Well, we are a facility that dedicates Attention and Time to each fur-kid giving them the Love and Care they're used to!

We are a Home dedicated to the DOGS.

Our Appointment Hours, Enrollment Process and how we Conduct Business is all for your fur-babies Safety and Comfort!

Working from Home

We are Crazy Dog People.......

We're better Dog people then People people. Our services are structured to offer the BEST stay for the fur- families that are HERE.

We have strict Appointment Hours, an Evaluation Process for New Fur-kids, there's a "Locked Door Policy" We conduct Business on the front porch. We see you pull up and we will come out to greet you and help you unload.

Your fur-kid wants you to join the family that we so fiercely love and protect! Once you are part of the family we will Love and Care for your fur-baby just as if they were ours. We will be your fur-kids crazy dog Aunties and love them beyond any dollar amount!

The best way to Contact us is by Email.....

We're all Full time Aunties here at Paw Paw's! There is no fancy lady to answer the phone or any quiet time or any time we aren't taking care of someone or being an Aunty! So we do a lot of our computer work/ secretarial duties after everyone is in bed. It's also hard to call people back after 9pm so PLEASE email us, we are up late most nights and always want to help you however we can! There is a "Contact Us" form at the bottom of all our webpages to make it easier to get a hold of us!

Evaluation Day

An Evaluation day is simply a day of daycare or an exaple of how the day is going to go for the fur-kids before they come board. We get to make sure they are dog and people friendly and make sure they will be happy and comfortable with us BEFORE you leave out of town! Evaluation day's are limited so best, always, to book in advance. he Evaluation Day drop off is short and sweet! In and Out!! We come out to greet you and help you unload! Evaluation Day is $25 per fur-kid.


Remember All fur-kids must be DOG & PEOPLE friendly.

Appointment Only & Facility Tours

We're a Family Owned and Operated Facility.

For the Protection of our Staff, Family & Clients all Inquiries are by Appointment.

All Exterior exits from the facility are always LOCKED unless a Staff Member is at the point of entrance/exit.

We do not allow potential or perspective clients inside or provide facility tours outside of an Evaluation Day Appointment.

Due to Covid we are not able to do facility tours. All business is conducted on our little front porch :)

Some people get upset and are turned off by this whole "process" while others who understand it appreciate the extra effort we take to ensure the safety of the fur-kids inside.

Opening the door, people coming and going excite the kids and make it difficult to keep the kids Calm and Stress Free. "Is that my Mom" "Is that a Stranger" this is why we have Limited Appointment hours!

 The fur-kids run the shop! We're not hiding anything... just protecting your fur-kids and a truly magical place.

Dog Walker at the Park