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Paw Paw's Dog House

Mansfield's most trusted Dog Hotel for over 15yrs!


Weekday daytime playtime!


Holiday information for Doggy Daycare and Boarding!


Overnight accommodations, dog boarding


Learn more about what we do here and view our property!

Best Buddies

How to enroll your fur-kid to come stay with us!


Holiday, weather, facility and events updates

Expect a Delay in Response


Expect a delay!

  Due to increased demand our response time is even slower than slow! We focus on the care of our fur-babies all day and work each night on the all the computer work including reservations and inquiries.

Trying to communicate by phone is difficult because of the high volume of calls and because I talk to much. We do most of our communicating by email between the hours 10pm-2am. We know it is difficult to get a hold of use so we have put a lot of information on our website.

Thank you for your patients, it really is worth it :)

By trusting Paw Paw's Dog House to care for your fur-kid while you are away you are helping to save the life's of and care for senior and special needs rescues. Along with caring for the fur-kids at Paw Paw's we have a non-profit retirement home for senior and special needs fur-kids. Most fur-kids that come to retire with us come with high medical bills and needing lots of love and attention. If it were not for the great Aunties at Paw Paw's and you all keeping us funded we could not do what we do. In the last 6 years we have saved over 100 senior and special needs fur-kids. We have also spent well over 100k in medical bills and supplies. We will often have fundraisers at Paw Paw's to help raise additional funds when needed.

Thank you!

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