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Summer at Paw Paw's

Summer Heat Precautions!

Memorial Day- Labor Day

We take extreme caution and go to extreme measures to ensure your kids health and safety during these dangerous summer days! We change our business hours for the safety and comfort of our fur-guests. We have a backyard specially equipped to help us beat the heat. If it is too hot or cold for us outside, then it is for them as well!

Our Schedule...

We wake up and get started much EARLIER so we can have more time in the cooler morning air.

We NAP and LIMIT outside playtime during the heat of the day to ensure everyone stays cool, hydrated and rested.

We stay up LATE so we have the cool evening under the stars and Christmas lights to pawty!!

Our Yard...

We know how to keep cool! We have giant backyards that are very shaded with trees and shade sails.

We always keep several clean bowls of water everywhere to make sure the dogs stay hydrated.

We have misters along most of the fence lines that are like outdoor A/C. There are multiple pools changed daily to hop and soak in that also make great mud holes!

We have Hurricane like fans on the back porch for all of us who like to hang out on the porch!

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