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1561 Hwy 1187 Mansfield Tx 76063

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Summer at Paw Paw's

Summer Heat Advisory!

Memorial Day- Labor Day

We take extreme caution and go to extreme measures to insure your kids health and safety during these dangerous summer days! We change our business hours for the safety and comfort of our fur- guest. We have a back yard specially equipped to help us beat the heat. If it is too hot or cold for us outside then it is for them as well!

Our Schedule...

We wake up and get started much EARLIER so we can have more time in the cooler morning air.

We NAP and LIMIT outside playtime from 12-3,5pm to insure everyone stays cool, hydrated and rested.

We stay up LATE so we have the cool evening under the stars and Christmas lights to pawty!!

Our Yard...

We know how to keep cool! We have giant backyards that are very shaded with trees and shade sails.

We always keep several clean bowls of water everywhere to make sure the dogs stay hydrated.

We have misters along most of the fence lines that are like outdoor A/C. There are multiple pools changed daily to hop and soak in that also make great mud holes!

We have Hurricane like fans on the back porch for all of us who like to hang out on the porch!

Pool Pawties & Field Trips

We take your fur-kids on a Field Trip to Sweet Barks Senior Sanctuary (also known as "Auny's" or "The Sanctuary" where we have a securely fenced, manicured, tree covered acre with a pool that has been redesigned for the fur-kids!!! Fur-kids, wither they swim or not, have a blast going, running and exploring this backyard forest, swimming and jumping in and out of the pool and water features! With the property being as shaded as it is and catching any breeze we have the property stays a lot cooler and we can bare being outside more. The pool area is shaded and deck cooled with a special finish and we keep sprinklers and misters on. We stay Cool in the Pool!


About the Pawty...

Pool Pawties are always supervised by several aunties who are trained to watch for sign of Heat Exhaustion and CPR!

Pool pawties are scheduled and we go by size and usually take 10 kids each field trip. We don't use life jackets and prefer to teach your kiddos how to swim without one in case they ever, anywhere, find themselves in a situation!

There has to be at least 7 fur-kids signed up for us to go. Pool Pawties are always pending weather.

Fur-kids get to enjoy a grilled hot dog or ice cream on their outing. Big kids pawties are the most active (aunties and the pool take a beating)! The little dogs are more of the lounging type but still ware themselves out with us!

We Love taking pictures and we often share them on Facebook!

Pool Pawties are an additional $7

Pool/ Field Trip Schedule

First Field Trips are scheduled to be Spring Break

We will open the pool for the season

Memorial Day Weekend

Small Dog Pool Pawties on Wed’s

Big Dogs on Thursdays

until Labor Day

Field Trip Transportation

The Pool, Sanctuary, Aunty's is less then 1 mile away! You will also be shocked out how well behaved even some of the wildest kids are when we are in transit! It is so amazing i have taken pictures at times in disbelief! But my favorite safety feature is that all fur- kids are loaded and unload behind closed gates!!! So when we get to where we are going i can just open the doors and let them jump in and out. We Load up by size and temperament.

Pool Advisory

Your fur-kid will be absolutely exhausted! They will be sore!

I have heard some kids sleeping for 2 days after recovering from Pool Pawties. Some kids have had so much fun they can run sores on their feet from running on the non- slip patio. Fur-kids could have runny stool from ingesting too much pool water or the hot dog lol. Fur-kids may seem very thirsty but do not let though gouge themselves in water or they will throw it up. Fur-kids have access to plenty of water but there is no water like home water, toilet water or water in teeny tiny bowls! Some fur- kids can either have increased or decreased appetites due to activity level. If you ever have concerns please feel free to give us a shout!