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Dog Hotel

Packages & Prices

Premium Play & Stay

$60/ Night

Cute Pug on Sofa

All Size Fur-Kids

This Package includes

Comfortable sleeping accommodation of their choice- to include any room, cabin or space! Fur-kids choose whatever they desire to sleep- couch, cot, big dog bed... the possibilities are endless. This package includes lots of yummy Soft Cookies or Jerky Treats!

Fur-kids will also receive daily Probiotics to help Boost Immune System each day they are with us (totally optional)

Also, you'll receive Daily Report Cards that Include a Picture.

Upon Departure Pups will receive a Relaxing Bath & Nail Trim.

(if they will let us give them a bath or nail trim)

Take Advantage of Premium Drop off and Pick up times.

No Holiday Fees or Field Trip Fees!

Everyday your Fur-kid will get Daycare and Unlimited Love & Attention from us!

$120 Package for $60

$45/ Night

Ultimate Play & Stay

All Size Fur-Kids

This Package includes

a Comfortable XL Condo with soft thick Bedding Pad & Fleece Blanket. Your Fur-kid will also enjoy Multiple yummy Bocce's Cookies or Jerky Treats throughout the day!

We will be kept up to date with Daily Report Cards!

Your Fur-kid will get Daycare each day w/

Tons of Attention & Unlimited Love form the

Paw Paw’s Family!

$55 Value for only $45

Cuddling Buddies

Classic Play & Stay

Sleeping Dogs

$35/ Night

Small Medium Large Fur-kids

This Package provides

A Comfortable Condo with a Fleece Blanket and a  Cookie or Biscuit waiting for them each time they have to go to their condo.

Your Fur-kid will get Daycare each day w/

Tons of Attention & Unlimited Love form the

Paw Paw’s Family!

Additional Services

Grooming & Spa

From a full haircut to a quick bath, we have you covered from head to tail!


Let us Capture that special moment for you!


Let's have a Paw-ty! Any kind of party! We will be happy to Celebrate!


Don't worry,

We'll pick you up!

(3Mile radius)

Report Card

$5/ Day

+$1 Pic

Stay update with daily report cards sent via Email. Add a picture for $1

Private Play Time

$15/ Night

This is for dogs who rather not be with the other fur-kids



Add a nice big dog bed to your fur-kids accommodations to make it extra comfy!

Laundry Service


Mandatory charge on any bedding brought from home

Bedding Pad $2/ day

Extra Blanket $1/day


$2/ Day

Safe and natural probiotics helps boost fur-kids Immune system.

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