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We Care about what you're feeding your Fur-kids. We are Happy to offer the Supplies we us for Our Personal Fur-kids and the Senior and Special Needs Fur-kids at our Senior Sanctuary!

Always do your own Research! We don't know everything!!!

Just because a Specific Recipe or size isn't listed doesn't mean we don't have access. JUST ASK!!!!! HAPPY TO HELP!

You are joining a private dog food club! No one but our clients have access to these products at these prices! We have access to thousands of products but obviously we don't have space to house 1 of everything so everything will be special ordered! You save money by not making us house all this product or offering a traditional store front!

We also have access to some free samples and single portions for a few $$ of a lot of these items if you just want a bite, or to try something,  just let me know, i will see what we have :)

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How to Order


Orders-  Everything has to be ordered. Orders are DUE by SUNDAY’S 8pm You can submit orders via Email or the online shopping cart


Pick Up-

  • Orders If Items were in stock, Items available for Pick up or Delivery Wed Evening and then on from 7a-6p at Paw Paw’s. Pick ups and Delivery are all by Appointment.


Free Delivery with orders over $50 (5 mile radius)


Some Recommendations from Aunty.......

Foods we like for our

Small Dog’s

Northwest Naturals RAW

Northwest Naturals Dehydrated Raw

Ziwi Peak

Fromm Small Breed Adult

Canned Food that is complete and Balanced

Fromm, KOHA, OpenFarm


Northwest Naturals Dehydrated Raw

Grizzly treats


Grizzly Joint Aid Liquid

Bixbi Immunity Powder

Herbsmith Viscosity Powder

Our “Normal” Dog Food

Fromm Adult Fromm Reduced Activity

Grizzly Joint Aid Liquid


Fromm Canned

KOHA Canned


Food we feed our

Puppy/ High Energy/ High Metabolism Fur-kids

Fromm Puppy Food

Ziwi Peak

KOHA Canned Food

Grizzly Joint Aid

Herbsmith Viscosity Powder


Shen Calmer

Food we like to feed our

Senior Fur-kids (who have teeth)

Fromm Reduced Activity

Ziwi Peak for Calories

Fromm Canned




Grizzly joint aid liquid

Herbsmith- Comfort Aches Powder

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