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Holidays at

The lucky Fur-kids at Paw Paw’s will be living it up while sharing the Holidays with their favorite Aunties and fur-cousins! You won’t have to feel guilty about leaving your fur-kids behind because they are having their own fur-family celebrations. We wont let you fur-babies miss any Holiday! Y’all know we like to Pawty and we Pawty BIG. You wont want to let your fur-kid find out they could have been here instead of being locked up at the vet or staying with smelly cousin Bob or unreliable friend Becky!

Paw Paw's


Prepare your plate lickers!

It is time to book your Thanksgiving Boarding!!

Your fur-babies will enjoy everything that that comes with Thanksgiving celebrations!

The fur-kids will enjoy homemade Turkey Pup Pies, Vegetable Melody Puree, Whipped Cranberries and Pumpkin Pup Pies for dessert.

But, like the rest of us they might prefer a cheeseburger or hotdog. lol We'll see who wins, Granny's traditional meal or Aunties pawty meal!!

They would soooooo love it lol

The fur-kids will stay plenty busy with their own Flag Football game and do their own Turkey Trot!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget that amazing post Turkey NAP!!!


Appointment Hours

  • Wed  11/22  AM appointments only (limited)

  • Thurs  11/23  CLOSED

  • Fri  11/24  AM  appointments only

  • Sat  11/27  No appointments

  • Sunday 11/28    7-9a 4-6p

Booking Requirements

  • 3 night minimum 11/17- 11/27

  • 50% non-refundable deposit to book

  • 1x holiday fee $25/ kid  11/23

Daycare  CLOSED 11/17- 27


It's always a Magical Christmas at Paw Paw's Dog House! During the Holiday stay the Fur-kids will work hard on their Paw-Made gifts, write a note to Santa, Eat Santa's cookies, wake up Christmas morning and open gifts from home and participate in the gift exchange.Of course the fur-kids get tons of love and spoiling! We are all set and ready to "Tis the Season" Don't miss the fun, book your fur-kids stay ASAP to reserve their spot!


Booking Requirements


Friday 12/21- Tues12/26

4 night minimum

50% non-refundable deposit

1x holiday fee $25/ kid Christmas


2024 New Year

Friday 12/29- Monday 1/1

50% non-refundable deposit

1x holiday Fee $18/kid New Years



CLOSED 12/22- 1/2

Appointment Hours

No Drop off or Pick ups

  Sat 12/23,   Sun 12/24,    Mon 12/25

PM appointments Tus 12/26

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