Pool Pawty

Paw Paw's


Limited Pawties available for 2020

In case your fur-kid isn’t spoiled enough now they get their very own Field Trip & Pool Pawty! Your fur-kids are living the life we want to live!

A few times a month we load up your fur-kids and take them to Aunty’s house! Aunty has a beautiful, securely fenced, manicured, tree covered acre with a pool that has been redesigned for the fur-kids!!!

Pawty Time....

The Pawty.....

Fur-kids, big and small, love running and exploring this backyard forest and then running and jumping in and out of the pool and splashing through the water features! Fur-kids get to enjoy a grilled hot dog on their outing, unless you tell us otherwise

The property is very shaded and catches any breeze. The pool area is shaded, deck cooled with a special finish and we keep sprinklers and misting fans on.

We stay cool in and around the pool.


Paw Paw's Pool Pawty Lottery!

8/10- 8/21

We are going to have 2-4 pool Pawties between 8/10- 8/21

Sign your fur-kids up for daycare during this time period and take a chance of hitting

Paw Paw's Pool Pawty Lottery!

Only Piggy Sue will know what day Pool Pawty day is.

Pig will not tell us when we can Pawty until the morning of!

We would let you know at drop off if your fur-kid won the Pool Pawty Lottery!


So, I would keep the kids pool bag in the car and book a little more daycare to increase your fur-kids chances of winning Paw Paw’s Pool Pawty Lottery!

Your fur-kid is not going to be happy when they hear they missed the pawty….


Pool Pawties are a $20 donation towards Pig’s critical care @ sweet barks senior sanctuary


Because Pig is considered “critical” she will need her own Aunty to keep her happy while we Pool Pawty!

We want to continue having Pool Pawties but the pool availability is unpredictable right now. We cannot commit to any certain day because of Pig’s health. So, if she has a good night and she is happy that morning then SURPRISE we can Pawty!

HAIR Advisory!

BIG DOGS, hair must be kept short, similar to the golden above.

Everything that touches the ground, tail, butt, legs, feet, belly...

All fur- kids are loaded and unload behind closed gates!!!

Pool Pawties are always supervised by several aunties who are trained to watch for sign of Heat Exhaustion and CPR!

Pool Advisory- SOME FUR-KIDS
Some fur-kid are going to be worn out! Worn out like you have never seen before! Do Not Panic!! Fur-kids can be sore from playing, have the poops from drinking too much pool water. Be thirsty bc there is no water like home water. More or less hungry. Kids can ware the pads down on their feet from running around the pool....  Don't panic! I say this from experience. I was ready to run my great dane to vet the day after a pool pawty. I had forgotten that she was at the pawty and the next day she was not herself, i was going to the vet... Then i was reminded she had a pool pawty! Took her 3 days to recover (she's a 6yr old dane) My 5 yr old lab no problem, he lays down when he's tired.... every fur-kid is different. Most fur-kids are going to be sore and tired!
If you have questions feel free to call us 817 473 2244

We Love taking pictures!

We try to take a lot of pictures at our pool pawties! If we happen to get pictures of your pool  pawty you can find them on our facebook page!