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Holiday Pictures



Santa Pictures

$30/ Picture

Santa Paws stops here!!

Santa Loves the fur-kids at Paw Paw's!

Santa's sleigh is still in north pole so he has brought his firetruck!!

If you're lucky your fur-kid might catch Mrs Claus or the lead elf!

1DSC07993 (3).JPG


We never know too far in advance when Mr & Mrs Claus will come to visit! We try for 1x week. Best suggestion is just book lots of daycare.... hope that Santa shows that day!

How to book special events

To Book a special event simply log into your booking account and request your daycare or boarding dates. Then select "additional services" and you should find the specific event you want and you add it to your reservation.

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It is best to watch our facebook to stay pupdated. Our world is VERY unpredictable so don't be butt hurt if we have to reschedule. All extra curricular activities are subject to change.

Come Hungry

Come often so your fur-kid can get to know Santa.

Remember not all fur-kids are meant to be models so don't be upset we can't get your kid to participate lol

1DSC07369 (3).JPG

Finished product

Expect at least 4 days for me to get through the pictures. I will post the proofs on Paw Paw's facebook page. Once you have selected your picture I will remove the PROOF and send you the digital image and it will be i our facebook album PROOF free.

1DSC04913 (2).JPG
1DSC08369 (2).JPG
1DSC05349 (2).JPG

Doing a good deed...

Proceeds from all of our special events are donated to Sweet Barks Senior Sanctuary.

1DSC06488 (2).JPG
1DSC07343 (3).JPG
1DSC06531 (2).JPG

Personalized Christmas Bulbs

Paw-made personalized Christmas bulbs are available for purchase anytime.

We will have scheduled art days where these can be purchased for a discount rate.

$15/ Bulb


Paw Painting

Aunt Mia has scheduled art classes where your fur-kid can paint you a holiday/ seasonal painting.



Halloween Picture Day

Multiple Rooms have been decorated for Halloween

We have some costumes or you can bring your own.

Visit our Events Page for our Picture Dates

$25/ Picture


All proceeds are donated to help Senior & Special Needs Recue's At

Sweet bark Senor Sanctuary

Your support is truly appreciated!

Halloween Costume Pawty

Your Kid + Costume + Box of treats= Costume Pawty at Paw Paw's

Fur-kids will be dressed up, trading treats and having a Spooktacular Costume Pawty

Your fur-kid can bring their own costume or we might have one that fits

Fur-kids will take home a bag of all their Trick or Treats!!

10/28 10/29 10/31

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