Boarding Packages


All Drop offs are between 7-9am

Boarding check out time is between 7-9am if you would like a 3-6pm pick up there is just a daycare fee.


All- Star Play & Stay$40

 The all-star package is for our fur-kids who play easy, who get along with everyone and who don't make me worry something is going to get chewed up or that they are going to start poking at another fur-kid just to aggravate them :) 

Package includes daycare, size appropriate kennels and bedding. 

$40/ night 

Fur-kids don't have to be kenneled. You can upgrade your pups bed and they can sleep where ever they are most comfortable! We will also have the fur-kids send you a report card with a picture before they go to bed each night.

+$20/ night


Paw Paw’s All Inclusive $65

Paw Paw’s All-inclusive package includes all of our perks and upgrades.  

Fur-kids are given a choice of lodging and bedding. 

You get to take advantage of our extended drop off times. 

Fur-kids will get to enjoy a bath & nail trim before they go home (for those that will allow us) 

The fur-kids will also want to keep you pup-dated with report cards and pictures. 

Fur-kids are provided an all-natural probiotic to help keep a healthy gut.  

We love to spoil your fur-kid like ours so we have included their snacks :) 

When fur-kids pick this package it allows us to keep our capacity lower. Naturally, this gives the Fur-kids more space and attention. So, everyone thanks you when you book this boarding package! 


24hr boarding at Aunty's/$75

This boarding package gives your fur-kid the “24 hr care” that some of us fur-parents and fur-kids require or would rather have. Fur-kids go home with Aunty Mandie at night and go to Paw Paw’s for daycare each day. Aunty Mandie’s house is undoubtedly equipped for the most spoiled fur-kids. Her house is only 9/10 of a mile away. Like Paw Paw’s it's 100% dog friendly! Aunty has a home on a tree covered acre of secure yard and a crystal-clear pool. 

Fur-kids will catch a ride to and from school in our "Dog Howler" Fur-kids will want to tell you about their day so they will send you a report card each night. Just like at home the fur-kids will come home after a long day at school and watch TV and sleep on the couch... 

Package includes Transportation to and from PAw Paw’s, Daycare at Paw Paws, overnight accommodations with Aunty and report card each night with a picture.


Heavy Hitter Play & Stay $50

This boarding package is for fur-kids, big and small, who play heavy and hard!  

Heavy Hitters are up and moving from the time the sun comes up until the sun goes down. 

Summer hours these fur-kids get late night pawties since our outside play time is limited.  

We work hard to tire these kiddos out! 

Fur-kids do get a mid-day nap, of course, to help keep them from getting cranky.  

These fur-kids usually get lunch because we burn so many calories.  

We don’t want to send anyone home looking hungry, so pack extra food!! 

These players require constant attention and supervision. 

 Heavy hitters, both big and small, have their own wing of the house with a bigger indoor play area.  

Package includes extended daycare times, XL kennel and bedding.

$50/ night 

We know some of your fur-kids wont kennel or you don’t want to kennel them. That’s perfectly ok. 

 Fur-kid’s can do a bed upgrade and enjoy the couch, cot or dog beds. Kids will send you a report card with a picture before they go to bed each night as well… 

+$15/ night


Superior Seniors $50

This package is reserved for our fur-kids in their golden years with light special needs. 

These fur-kids either have them mentality of a 5-year-old and the body of a 12-year-old OR  

they are 12 physically and mentally…  

We keep these fur-babies close to us so we can keep a secret eye on them…  

These fur-kids need a different level of attention.  

For the kids with the 5yr old mentality we let them hang out with some of the who are more active but e don’t let them over to it... they are used to 20hrs of naps at home!  

For the fur-kids that are physically and mentally their age we make sure they have a quiet and calm environment with other fur-kids like them. These fur-kids usually go the the Principal’s office with Aunty to watch TV and nap. 

 Our senior fur-kids have lived enough life that this can’t be anything less than a vacation!! We give them lots of love and attention... 

The Superior Seniors are given an XL kennel with the best bedding I have. We leave their kennels open during the day so they can retreat to them if they don’t want to share the couch or pick a dog bed in the living room. There is no charge for dispensing medication or supplements. Fur-kids will send you a report card each night tell you about their day!

$50/ day  

 These sweet babies do have the option of a bed upgrade and then they can sleep where ever they want. Upgrade your Fur-kids accommodations to one of our comfy couches or dog beds! We want everyone to be happy and comfortable! Fur-kids will also add a picture to their report card so you can see their smile!

+$10/ night


Puppy Camp $45

Fur-kids under 8 months; intact; under 50lbs 

We loooove some puppy love! Shark teeth, razor claws and all.... 

We socialize your fur-kid with others their size and age.  

Growing pups need to play with caution. We don’t want to harm their growing bodies from playing too hard. 

Pups have multiple shorter play seasons, frequent potty breaks, 1 on 1 time, NAPS, and 3-5 meals a day! So, pack lots of food, we burn lots of calories. We love, protect, and worry like first time mommies for your little fur-babies! They will have a blast and might learn a thing or two. 

This package includes the pups daycare, training treats, size appropriate kennels and appropriate bedding.

Fur-kids under 50lbs $45/ night

XL fur-babies over 50lbs $50/ night

 Pups are eligible for a bed upgrade and then they can sleep where ever they are most comfortable; couch, dog bed, cot. I will also make sure they send you a report card with a picture before we go to bed each night.... 

+$20 night


Gentle Giants $55

This boarding package is for fur-kids over 90lbs. 

Our goal is for everyone to be happy and COMFORTABLE. Our Gentle Giants are given the space of 2 fur-kids. No cramming here! 

We have a some ridiculously GIANT kennels that are comfortable for our Giants. We don’t like your big kids elbows on the hard ground so fur-kids are given as much bedding as they want or allowed to have. 

Fur-kids are fed from elevated feeders and require more “nap time” after meals. We also monitor their play time to make sure they aren’t too rough or they aren’t trying to do back flips and blow a knee… 

We know big kids fall hard so Aunty has to protect them… 

This package includes XL and XXL kennel, bedding and elevated feeders. 

$55/ night 

Fur-kids don't have to be kenneled. You can upgrade your pups bed and they can sleep where ever they are most comfortable; couch, dog beds, cold floor, cots... We will also have the fur-kids send you a report card with a picture before they go to bed each night. 

+$10/ night 


Socially Sensitive $50

This package is reserved for the socially sensitive type. There are fur-kids might be the type that are shy, naturally anxious or who are easily over-whelmed by noise and activity.  

These fur-kids might only like to be with a few others that are their type. Fur-kids spend lots of time with aunties in a calmer, quieter environment. We work extra hard to make sure these sensitive fur-babies are happy and comfortable.  

During the day these fur-kids get to hang out on couch or dog bed near us. At night fur-kids have an XL kennel with lush bedding and private playtime. 

$50/ night 

Fur-kids can do a bed upgrade if they rather have the sofa. Where ever they are most comfortable! Each night we will have the kids send you a report card with a picture telling you about their day. 

+$15/ night 


Private Play & Stay $75

his package is for the fur-kids who don’t want to be with other fur-kids. Fur-kids get all the one-on-one play time, lounge time, love and attention they need to be happy and comfortable. Stress free is the way to be! 

The fur-kids are given their own room with a choice of bedding and spend their daytime hanging out with the Aunties. 

Package includes daycare, desired lodging, bedding and a report card with a picture each night.


Special Needs at the Senior Sanctuary

This is for our special needs fur-kids with medical or physical needs and our wonderful seniors. 

Paw Paw's has a retirement home for rescue fur-kids who are senior and/ or have special needs. This allows Paw Paw's to take in a few special needs cases. We have experience with several different medical conditions and know what changes to look for to indicate we need to go get checked out. The retirement home has a Nanny 20- 24hrs a day. This type of boarding is very delicate. The sanctuary is quiet, calm and peaceful... Package includes Transportation to and from Paw Paw’s, dispensing of medication, 24hr care at the Senior Sanctuary, report card with pictures each night 

Boarding rates will vary by your fur-kid's needs....  

Rates will very by needs