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Christmas Packing List

Welcome Christmas boarders!!!

Santa Stops Here!!

What to pack if you would like your fur-kid to participate.....

A Wrapped or Bagged gift for your fur-kid to open Christmas Morning

A Wrapped or Bagged gift for your fur-kid to open Christmas Morning

There is an optional gift exchange if your fur-kid would like to participate, just bring a wrapped or bagged gift for a fur-kid similar to your fur-kid.

Please clearly mark your gifts To and From or we will get them mixed up....

And/ Or....

Donations for the senior fur-kids at

Sweet Barks Senior Sanctuary

We have several special needs, senior and hospice fur-kids in our Senior Sanctuary. The Aunties work hard to provide almost anyand everything the babies would need so their list is small.....


The fur-kids would love and appreciate

Used Stuffed Animals (Ana loves to kill them and then they are her babies)


xl washable dog beds

Dog cots

The Aunties at the Sanctuary put their needs last and focus funds towards

vet bills, drugs, food and supplies.

The Aunties would love some help keeping our supplies organized.

 Storage containers (all sizes)

Utility shelving

Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, Arm hammer laundry detergent

(it's cheap and smells the best)

Donations towards out vet bills.

(Senior and Special Needs fur-kids are very needy and expensive.)


We get supplies from Chewy and Walmart

We buy our dog food whole sale so save nearly 30% on premium dog foods.

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